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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A good sports related game is usually thrilling actually for gamers who love the actual sport and understand the whole concept of the game, Never the less if you don’t know the actual concept of the game it is also good to learn as a first timer. Champ Man 15 1.2 is a game that allows the gamer to get an opportunity to manage their own football team. This is a product of Square Enix Limited which is free of charge and is available for iOS and Android. Therefore you have an opportunity to exercise your decision making capabilities as a manager. Of course it is not an easy task but once you are into it will be manageable. The game has a simple interface and it is quite diverse by the fact that it features twenty three leagues with more than four hundred clubs to choose from and the gamer has the ability to tweak players to their specifications. Generally it is a good mobile device game.


  • It has a simple interface.
  • It is very comprehensive to the gamer.


  • It faces fierce competition from similar games.
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • playing the game and having lots of fun with all the teams also i will be signing the best players that are on the gamealso my team is hibs.


Football is one of those sports that currently go through countries and cultures, sharing values, competition and sportsmanship. Champ Man 15 is the approach of Square-Enix to the management of an actual football team, challenging your skills to keep the squad in a good condition. The game app is available for free download on Android and iOS systems.

Sponsored by Arsene Wenger, current manager of the English Arsenal Football Club, the game will put you in charge of a new team, having to properly manage this group of players. The way to become the champion will be rough, of course, and time will tell us about the further success, but the first thing is to assemble your humble team with your own resources.

The way to become the champion will be rough, of course, and time will tell us about the further success

These last months have brought similar championship managing games, and their visual aspect does not differ too much between them. Champ Man 15 bases its design on simple menus in which you need to arrange your team with different options. If you were expecting realistic graphics, you may want to try out another football title. On the contrary, if you want a complete football managing experience this is a great chance for testing what you are made of with this download.

Set the players in the team management
Set the players in the team management


This kind of football managing games does not stand out due to its graphical power but for the possibilities it grants on the managing side. The main responsibility you will have is to assemble your players into the best formation possible, it being possible to trade them for players that are more suitable than the ones you already have. Training your squad, as well as establishing a playing style will improve the use of your resources making it easier to create great combinations for winning the matches.

This kind of game may seem slow at the beginning, however Champ Man 15 introduces an optimization good for adapting the speed of the title to the player’s pace. At the moment, you can choose from among 440 different clubs, brought from 23 real leagues, so you can play with your Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, English or French club among other leagues.

The challenge of beating other online players will come once you begin participating in international championships. During the match, you can change formations and strategies at your fingertips. Get into the leaderboards of different competitions along with your Facebook friends. Invite them to this free-to-play football title and develop your own playing style.

Check the stats of your players
Check the stats of your players

Champ Man 15 1.2 Features

Check the popular features of Champ Man 15 for Android and iOS:

  • Get the real feeling of being the manager of a football club controlling all the aspects of the team
  • Improved match engine in order to choose your next rival
  • Enjoy the online championships and be successful for the trophy
  • More than 440 football clubs available from 23 different playable leagues
  • Facebook leaderboards available for competing against your friends online
  • Additional in-game rewards inviting your friends to the game

Click on the following link for discovering more about Champ Man 15.

Enjoy the match
Enjoy the match

System Requirements

Find the minimum resources for the download of this football game:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3, iOS 7.0 or later version
  • Size: 44.1MB free space on the mobile device