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Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 1.7.2

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By Hande Njr

On Thursday, February 5, 2015

I love games that bear simplicity but have a lot of fun in them. Of course most people would love a great game with amazing graphics and a complicated game play, but sometimes we just want fun in the simplest form possible. Red Bull Kart Fighter offers the gamer an opportunity on their Android or IOS platforms thus mostly on mobile gadgets to enjoy what it has to offer. It is a product of Red Bull Media House that offers the gamer the ability to race in different karts. The game boasts over six different types of karts to choose from that you can tweak to your specifications due to the presence of a workshop. Tweaking helps in ensuring that your kart can give you the desired performance. The game has over forty-five racing tracks that the gamer can enjoy each with a different thrill to offer. It also offers the user an option to choose in terms of control modes thus there is auto acceleration or auto steer. It also has different gameplay modes that you can choose from thus quickplay or multiplayer mode which you can challenge an opponent online. It is generally a good game that is easy to play with a lot of fun in it.


  • a great game with amazing graphics.
  • It is easy to play with a lot of fun.


  • It is not very comprehensive.
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Racing games need to have only one thing in mind, speed. Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 is the karting game that will get you into the genre, spiced with some old-school elements to make it more addictive and arcade in some terms. The game is available for free in the download systems for iOS and Android.

Be the champion of the karting scene with this game developed by Red Bull Media House, promoting the brand and the events it usually organizes. Instead of offering a realistic application, this title offers an arcade point of view, trying to make it more casual with crazy karts and even more awesome tracks.

Instead of offering a realistic application, this title offers an arcade point of view, trying to make it more casual with crazy karts

As you can see in the screenshots, this game doesn’t stand for its realistic graphics or the high level of detail. The design looks like those old arcade racing games that we could enjoy when we were kids, but now in mobile format. In this sense, the developer team has done a good job in order to optimize the app for making it suitable for most devices, performing smooth actions without frame drops.

Run without limits with special track effects
Run without limits with special track effects


In order to make the game suitable for every user, it offers different control modes for adapting to your style. You can choose between playing controlling with auto steer, modifying the direction of your kart, or playing with the auto acceleration mode, virtual buttons to brake and steer. Practice in both modes and check which is the one that suits you better according to your style.

Although the game has a limited variety, you can enjoy the 6 different karts available such as a Moon Buggy, a V8-Superkart, and other vehicles. Additionally, you can improve your karts in an easy way, thanks to the new parts you can install in the workshop, improving the general performance of the kart. Moreover, the use of the wild cards will power up the features of your vehicle.

Explore the 45 exciting tracks, performing awesome tricks with lots of drifts and jumps according to the stage. The competitive aspect comes with the multiplayer mode, in which you can challenge your online friends to race and show the results on your Facebook account. In case you just want to run free and fast, the Quick Play Mode will put you on a track almost instantly with no additional content to download.

Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 1.7.2 Features

Find in this section the main features of Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 for mobile devices:

  • Race with the crazy high-speed racing karts in even-crazier Californian beaches and race tracks
  • Improve the performance of your karts with the Wild Cards and pimp their style
  • Different fast-paced game controls using the features of your mobile device for gas/brakes combinations
  • Compete against your friends in the online challenging leaderboards
  • Share your in-app achievements through your personal Facebook account
  • Explore the great number of tracks available in different environments
  • Run free in the Quick Play Mode with additional content

For more details and information, you can discover all about the game in the following link .

Add new features to the vehicles
Add new features to the vehicles

System Requirements

These are the minimum resources required for the download of the game:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 6.0 or later version
  • Size: 160MB space available
  • Internet connection for online modes