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Leo's Fortune 1.0.6





By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"There are days that start great. With a warm tea and dim light ... and then there are days without tea and without any light ... days you wake up and discover that you've lost your fortune ... "

So begins Leo's Fortune story that tells the adventure of Leopold Dorado a wealthy engineer and inventor who one day discovers that his entire fortune has been stolen, but stolen in any way but the thief has left a trail of coins the purest Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm style. Leopold decided to undertake the journey in search of his gold but not before leaving a note to his wife Mathilda saying he hopes to return before dinner. The story of Leopold will be fraught with suspicion and tangles, looking for this particular thief.

After the brief introduction Leo's Fortune introduces us to the first act-there are a total of 5 actions-. Each act has 4 more phases one bonus stage that has nothing to do with the argument.

So to start the first phase of each act, which should be measured is not the quality of its graphics and sound section but your mouth diameter formed when falling in love with the whole offering Leo's Fortune. An absorbent assembly that spares not a single detail and that immerses you in a fabulous game experience and the only question whether can hold at that level throughout the game. And I anticipate that the answer is yes.

Gameplay Leo's Fortune is developed 2D horizontal movement phases but with designs that achieve a 3D effect elaborate, beautiful and meticulously detailed level. Each phase will have three objectives, achieve collect all the gold coins, get them not to kill us even once and try to reach the goal in the shortest time possible. You do not need more than three goals each time they passed each goal will give us a star that can be used to unlock the bonus screen every act

Control in Leo's Fortune is quite tactile and only have to worry in move-right or left- and jump or crouch. The shift is progressive and has different speeds depending on the position of your finger in any event control responds elegant and 100% accurate. For the most classic it is also available an alternative control in the form of virtual buttons


  • Graphically Leo's Fortune is unique staging is simply sublime
  • The sound effect is superb. orchestral melodies that accompany us throughout the game too and will fit perfectly with the tone of each phase


  • The only problem is that payment
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This is a good game with a great concept and nice graphics.

By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This is a mobile device game that is a product of Leo’s Fortune 1.0.6 which is available for Android and iOS devices. The gamer can download the game from a digital platform which is quite an easy task. This wonderful game feature nice high definition graphics that make the interface quite phenomenon which make it quite appealing to the gamer. Basically in the storyline concentrates on the character Leo a short form for Leonard who the gamer is supposed to assist in getting back his fortune. This takes the gamer through an adventure depicted by nice environmental designs portrayed in the game. The game has tweak able on-screen options. The game has an online leaderboard which gives the game a competitive perspective that is quite enjoyable. The fact that after getting the game it doesn’t prompt the gamer to do in game buys is quite compelling. It offers twenty four levels and more unlockable levels. It is a good game generally.


  • It offers twenty four levels and more unlockable levels.
  • The game has nice environmental designs.


  • It is only available on two platforms.
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There is a common saying about classics never getting old, and that also could be applied to videogames. Leo's Fortune belongs to the classic adventure platformer genre, made so popular due to Super Mario and similar titles. This mobile game is currently available for iOS and Android platforms for the digital download, using the features of these kinds of services.

Imagine being a furry ball with a big moustache whose great fortune has disappeared for no reason at all. At least you would be upset with this tragic event turning from Leopold the Golden to Leopold the Fool. So, in order to take back your fortune you will embark on a vast adventure surviving any kind of trap you will find in this beautifully crafted world.

In order to take back your fortune you will embark on a vast adventure surviving any kind of trap you will find in this beautifully crafted world

One of the attractive parts of the game is the astonishing visual aspect. The HD graphic design, combining fantasy with almost real environments, makes Leo's Fortune one of the best looking mobile games that we have ever tried on our mobile devices. The design is excellent, charming and after a couple minutes you will fall deeply in love with the game to download.

Beautifully crafted environments
Beautifully crafted environments


The adaptation of a platform game to the touch interface allows for an intuitive and simplified control system for the actions of Leo. This way the screen is divided in two parts, tapping on each side to move your character through the screen. The different events of the stages will put your skills to test, giving you options for succeeding upon the challenges. With physics-based traps you will have to activate engines, sliding up for jumping and down for diving. With these actions you will travel through a hand-crafted fantasy world.

Leo's Fortune differs from other platform games in the direct approach for the player, avoiding introducing enemies. In their place, the only thing that will oppose to your progress is the different puzzles of each stage. Travel free through the woods, pirate cities, arid deserts, or even snowy mountains in order to recover what once was yours.

The gameplay of this side-scrolling title makes it one of the references for mobile platformers. The game is compatible with diverse gamepad of controllers for those that prefer to have a pad in their hands. For those players that want an additional challenge, Leo's Fortune offers a hard-core game mode in which you will have to replay the story without dying even once. Show the world your skills in the online leaderboards and take back Leo's Fortune.

Leo's Fortune 1.0.6 Features

Find here the main features of Leo's Fortune adventure for mobile Android and iOS devices:

  • Help Leonard on his personal quest for taking back his former fortune
  • Epic platformer game beautifully handcrafted with astonishing designs
  • Support for external gamepad controllers and customizable on-screen options
  • Get through 24 levels with smart traps avoiding being caught by dangerous spikes
  • Meticulously and immersive stage design detailed in every sense in this masterpiece
  • No in-app purchases for additional content, further elements are completely free
  • Additional unlockable hardcore mode for brave players avoiding failing in diverse stages
  • Share only your score through the online leaderboard and your achievements

For checking all the details of the game click on the following by the manufacturer.

System Requirements

Check the minimum resources that are needed for running Leo's Fortune on your device:

  • Operating System: iOS 7.0 optimized in iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and 6; Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Size: 327MB free space available data space for the download