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By Hande Njr

On Monday, March 9, 2015

Modern day advertisement has gone beyond the normal archaic way. Every now and then there is a redefinition of the advertisement industry the chief objective obviously being to acquire customers and keep them. Therefore it is very important for a firm to develop an actual relationship with its customers in such a manner that it will create a special effect to them and that is where Blippar comes in handy. It is an augmented reality application which simply means that reality is supplemented by smart computer generates like videos and sounds. Major companies like nestle and Coca-Cola use ‘blips’ for advertisement so this shows how effective this application is. This application works with IOS windows and android phones and it boasts fast scanning, capturing of snapshots, great interface and a user can make comments on a blip. The application is independently free of charge so there is no harm in trying it out. I like the fact that it is game changing the advertisement fronts.


  • It is independently free of charge.
  • it creates a special effect in advertising.


  • It can be challenging to use especially for new people.
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Try out Augmented Reality to take a glance at future!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, February 2, 2015

Blippar is an emerging trend in advertising field, which facilitate better company-to-consumer interaction. I first knew about this application from a Domino’s Pizza box and tried it out. It impressed me highly and I tried other AR enabled ads also. Here’s my Blippar experience…


• Blippar saves precious space by encoding data into the picture. No blocky codes used

• Markerless recognition is fast and efficient

• Downloads a lot of experiences without putting knife in your data plan

• It can load a lot of AR effects including small games and pop-up 3D animations

• Highly user-friendly interface, which opens camera window

• Uses camera to align AR to the image surface correctly

• Can take snapshots of AR effects


• Cannot load ARs from explore window

• Cannot substitute QR-Codes in Supermarket usage


ARs are a future-proof technology, which is developed to augment our future. It’ll augment all fields including education and military in a few years. Arrival of Blippar in advertisement field can be considered as the first step to that future. This technology will gain power by the advent of wearable tech. Overall, it is worth trying!


  • Wide range of AR applications for ads
  • Efficient and fast markerless recognition technology
  • Doesn't consume too much data


  • Cannot load ARs from explore window
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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Thursday, March 26, 2015

Advertising is key point of companies making their products and service known to the entire world by their customers. It brings in the profitability of your organization and creates the image that people desire from your company to be known and get the right customers. With all these you can follow what other big companies use by downloading Blippar software to get your company known. It uses platforms like android devices and IOS windows devices. It has the ability to scan faster and you can also take snapshots with your device. It is freeware and so you can download for free and start using it. It encodes data into objects used daily and hence creating a good base for customer and product owner. It has two features that are Blipp and blippar that work hand in hand. When you open Blippar it focuses your camera to Blipp.It has the ability to encode objects to readable codes like Coca Cola has done. Scanning is not based on what angle you scan from since it has the ability to scan a visible image. For those have companies they can download this application in order to achieve advancement in their companies.


  • It has a fast marker less recognition that is fast and efficient It can make snapshots to AR effects.
  • It has many AR applications for adverts and you don’t use too much data.


  • It is a bit difficult to use to those who are not well versed with the application.
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What do you like most about this program?
  • I don't know yet. I have just learned of it. Daytona Beach newspaper is using it to present sound and action to their "Remembering Pearl Harbour" stories.


Blippar is an industry-leading real-time object recognition engine, which ignited augmented reality (AR) revolution in advertisement sector. It is coming to draw the curtain on the unappealing QR-Code technology eventually and thereby set a new dimension in brand-to-client interaction. It surpasses other coding technologies with the ability of encoding data into everyday objects, instead of producing hideous space-consuming codes.

Blippar brings customer-centric AR experiences to Android, iOS and Windows Phone users completely for free. This future-proof innovation will definitely make its way to the wearable technologies in the very near tomorrow! We are dissecting its true potential by the means of this review. You’ll have to familiarize with two Blippar terminologies to digest it properly.

Blipp and Blipping!

‘Blipp’ and ‘Blipping’ are two important Blippar terms. Blipp stands for whatever on the real world that conceals some interactive experience. It can be any type of image, like posters, catalogs, magazines, brochures, billboards and even beverage cans. Blippar icon (white B on yellow rectangle) is generally used to specify Blipps.

According to the official Blippar website, Blipping is the procedure of decoding wow experience from real-world objects. You’ll be granted access to a number of visual treats such as videos, games, 2D or 3D graphics, m-commerce actions or even mobile coupons through blipping. It’s very easy to do! Open Blippar app and point your camera towards the Blipp. A new world will be opened before you in the blink of an eye.

How it works?

The technology under the hood is very simple. The app recognizes patterns through “markerless image recognition” and triggers its respective pre-programmed AR experience. For example, if you are pointing the camera at Bud Light STRAW-BER-RITA can, Blippar will use invisible markers to recognize that it is indeed a SRAW-BER-RITA can. The app will automatically download AR data from the server and display it on the top of the can. Camera will be constantly registering object movements to make the AR experience flawless.

Blippar gives the first priority to convenience. It boasts extremely intuitive user interface without clumsy button placements. User is taken directly to the object scanner on triggering the application. There are only two buttons in this screen, one fore flash light and the other for Explore window. Explore window takes you through the latest trends in Blipps. Menu button is placed on the top-left corner of this window.

Blippar 1.6.6 Features

Top 10 reasons we love in it!

  • Supports major Smartphone platforms like Android, Windows and iOS
  • Converts real-world objects to readable codes; Thanks to markerless image recognition technology
  • Lightning-fast scanning, recognition and data download
  • Scanning can be done from any angle, given that the image is visible
  • Camera constantly registers object’s position related information, to make AR experience impeccable
  • Highly intuitive user-interface with scanner as opening window
  • Explore window to bring trendy Blipps to the user’s notice
  • You can like or comment on various Blipps given at Explore window
  • Blippar is free from in-app purchases and advertisements
  • Supports snapshot capturing

For more information, visit developer’s website: Click Here

System Requirements

Before jumping to download button, make sure that your device can run it!

  • OS: Android 2.3.3 or higher (Tablets or Smartphone with decent camera)
  • iOS 6.0 or higher (supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
  • Windows Phone 8 and above
  • CPU: 1GHz


Blippar free application is an opening to the future. It utilizes augmented reality (AR) to unlock unique contents from everyday objects. It is a remarkable piece of tech which gains popularity today. Millions of brands including giant sharks like Coca-Cola, Sony, Disney, Nestle and Jaguar use Blipps! Augmented Reality is considered to gain traction on market by the widespread of wearable tech! Therefore, Blippar is definitely worth trying!