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Stormfall: Rise of Balur 1.64.2

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  • this is an interesting game and include how to plan ur forces against enemy. moreover it is a good time pass game which help in mind using to


Diverse genres have been adapted to mobile devices, and one of these genres has been used to its latest extent. Stormfall: Rise of Balur is the new title that follows Stormfall: Age of War, a successful MMO strategy game that has made it to the top of mobile games, reaching over 30 million gamers playing. This new title is a free download app for Android and iOS devices.

The glorious empire known as Stormfall has finally fallen, and warlords across the ancient continent start to battle for the obtaining the pieces they can from this crumbling culture. Darkness is spreading through the continent, gathering its former forces for recovering the lands of Darkshine. Your role is to avoid it at all costs, leading your people to war for defeating darkness.

The glorious empire known as Stormfall has finally fallen, and warlords across the ancient continent start to battle for the obtaining the pieces they can from this crumbling culture

This new installment of the Stormfall series follows the same visual style as the original edition, improving some aspects regarding the resolution and definition on mobile devices. The fantasy design of the enemy, troops, and different environments are some of the main aspects of the title, with great graphical effects and character animation.

Build the glorious empire
Build the glorious empire


Stormfall: Rise of Balur features the classic gameplay of the mobile strategy games. Manage your resources, producing food in farms, getting gold from your citizens’ activities and iron from mines. Any kind of building will require time and resources, being able to skip the time the process takes with premium sapphires currency. Luckily, buildings that take less than five minutes can be skipped for free.

Besides looking forward the prosperity of your empire, you will need to assemble a great army for defending your population against those who dare to attack your territory. In this sense, you will need to train your own army, and improve it with new technologies adapted to their needs. Create the finest army led by legendary heroes with unique skills.

As in most of the strategy games, the online section includes chatting with your friends, creating alliances for assembling powerful players or just battling in PVP fights. Use paladins, dragons and countless types of warriors for your cause in the online multiplayer mode like a real-time MMO game for mobile devices to download.

Stormfall: Rise of Balur 1.64.2 Features

Discover the features that you can find in Stormfall: Rise of Balur:

  • Create your empire and fight against the darkness from the ancient Darkshine
  • Incredible artwork with fantasy motifs and great graphical design
  • Obtain free resources and sapphires by spending a few minutes per day
  • One-click gameplay mechanics in this standalone Stormfall edition
  • Train and use your army composed by Paladins, Barbarians, Necromancers, Dragons, Shades and more creatures
  • Customize your Hero leading your army and using the special skills to train
  • Online social features such as chatting with your allies like in an MMO title
  • Claim new territories for controlling more resources fighting against enemy guilds

If you are interested in the Stormfall world and the apps developed by Plarium games, take a look at the official website.

System Requirements

Check the resources for the download of Stormfall: Rise of Balur:

  • Operating System: iOS 7.0, Android 4.0 or later version
  • Size: 81.2MB space available