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Cut the Rope: Time Travel 1.4.2





By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I’m a great fan of simple but thrilling games that can be quite addictive. Cut the Rope is such a game which is a product of Zeptolab that gets the gamer in to the world of the character Om Nom moving back to his ancestral time. I would say despite the simplicity of the game, it is quite comprehensive thus it features fifteen levels of gameplay per box. The cartoonish characters have a funny appeal to the game which complements the actual interface of the game which is quite colorful. Basically it falls under the genre of puzzle games that is in the market for IOS and Android devices. It features fancy locations which are such as Egypt, middle Ages, Ancient Greece and Disco Era. So generally it is a wonderful simple game that is quite enjoyable to play but can be very addictive so beware of how you dived your playing time.


  • It is very easy to play.
  • It has a nice simple interface.


  • It can be quite addictive.
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Zeptolab brings back once again one of the addictive puzzle games that have taken up a popular position for the mobile platforms. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the main franchise of this Russian mobile game developer studio that combines the use of basic physics with an incredible design. The app is available, free to download for Android and in the premium format for iOS devices.

Travel alongside Om Nom in his adventure through time and space. In this new installment, you will visit previous and future civilizations. Meet the prehistoric version of Om Nom, the renaissance relative, or visit Ancient Greece meeting all kinds of ancestors. If you like the previous versions of Cut the Rope, this new one to download will surpass your expectations with an improved technical aspect that has taken it to be the winner of the iKids Award 2014.

The visual design keeps the influence of the series, avoiding heavy innovations about the aspect of the game, playing safe on this ground

The general aspect of the app game is similar to what you have probably seen in previous installments, improving some of the physics-based features. The visual design keeps the influence of the series, avoiding heavy innovations on the aspect of the game, playing safe on this ground. If something works, walk this candy-crunching path including new basic concepts without changing the game’s mechanics.

Pirates also like candies
Pirates also like candies


The objective of the game is clear enough once you put your hands on it. You need to find the best way to feed Om Nom with the candies that appear on the stage. For feeding your kind creature, you will have to cut the different ropes in order. This way, based on simple physics, the candy will drop. If you have done the operation right, Om Nom will get his food, completing the stage successfully.

The design of the stages will be determined by the difficulty of completing the level with the highest score. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is in general an easy game, the only difficulty with comparing it to other game’s versions is the fact that now you have to feed two different creatures instead of just a single Om Nom.

Collect the stars that are spread throughout the entire stage using the candies in the proper way, avoiding obstacles with different combinations. Use the different elements from the industrial revolution, disco places, and other ages like the pharaohs’ Egypt, Asian Dynasty and other historical events in this hungry time-traveling adventure.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel 1.4.2 Features

These are the features you can find in this Cut the Rope: Time Travel puzzler for iOS and Android:

  • Travel through the ages meeting new versions of Om Nom and feeding them with more candies
  • Puzzle gameplay based on simple physics cutting the ropes in a concrete order
  • Discover the Disco Era, Ancient Greece and Egypt, the Middle Ages, a pirate ship and much more incredible places
  • Adorable design of characters and levels with more content to be downloaded for free
  • Beautiful HD graphics optimized especially for tablet devices

Find more information about Om Nom and his adventures in the official developer’s site .

System Requirements

This list shows the requirements for the installation of this Cut the Rope app:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3, iOS 5.0 or later
  • Size: 41.6MB free available space on the device