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3DP Chip- Keep your system up-to-date and say no to software incompatibility headaches

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Thursday, February 12, 2015

As far as I know, 3DP Chip is a great but lesser known solution for fixing your software incompatibility issues. It assists you in installing all necessary driver software, and getting the games and software working. I’ve been using this software since 2014 and here’s my review…


• Detects the latest version of your component driver and makes it available for one-click download

• You can backup and restore drivers using this revolutionary tool

• Displays system information with pictures of components; You can copy it to clipboard or take a snapshot of it with a single click

• On the spot help feature for assisting newbies

• Multi-lingual support including simplified Chinese

• User interface isn’t that messy with too many buttons

• It is absolutely free


• Audio card detection issues with certain motherboards

• Doesn’t provide information about CPU temperature, resource usage etc.


It’s a must have handy tool for both professionals and novice people. Driver issues won’t annoy you anymore. As most PC errors are produced by missing component drivers, you can fix most of PC errors using this software. Except a few bugs here and there, it’s a nice tool. Overall, I give it 6.9 out of 10!


  • Fast and efficient component driver detection
  • Minimal and intuitive user interface
  • Multi-lingual support including simplified Chinese


  • System information is very short
  • Minor bugs in detecting sound card
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By Hande Njr

On Monday, February 9, 2015

It is general knowledge that a computer won’t well if it doesn't have the right drivers. 3DP chip is basically a software that you install to your computer to ensure that you have the right drivers to enable your computer work well. Its functions in such a way that it is synced to your hardware component and it can tell if any of the components lacks a driver which saves a great deal of time. It works in an automatic manner in that once it detects a missing driver it will install it. This comes in handy in scenarios where a personal computer user has formatted his or her computer which happens a lot of time. It is a freeware which even makes it important software to acquire since you do not incur any costs in having it. It has a great simple interface and works with all windows platforms. It handles thirty two different languages which makes it much diverse to users of different ethnicity and lingual backgrounds. Generally it is a great application that personal computers owners should look in to having in the eventualities that there are missing drivers. It saves a lot of time and won’t cost you a dime to have it.


  • It handles thirty two different languages.
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • I haven't seen any disadvantage.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I want to update my pc/laptop for cheap and fast, and to see if it fixes any other problems that this computer may have going on inside of the mainframe.

  • I am reinstalling windows 7 home prmium sp1 on a toshiba satellite c67d laptop 64 bit computer with 300gb toshiba hard drive and 4 gigabytes of ram memory

What similar programs have you used?
  • driver reviver and other useless to-be-paid softwares. i hope nit to regret whilst using this one. i ook forward to a complete fast download

  • What similar programs have you used? ans: NO. Now i'm trying for use this. You are about to download 3DP Chip 14.10 from our server Advantages:

  • none. I did not know this stuff existed till today. I usually feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack when my computer does not function.

  • nothing cause i havent yet download or used programs .its my first time using this ,so i hope it can help me found my missing drivers needed.

What do you like most about this program?
  • 3DP Chip Download the latest drivers for all of components. Introduction : You can use it just for enumerate the devices such as CPU, Motherboard, Video,

  • simple and it easy too use.. the file is not to large for downloading everyone can download and use it ,even someone who never learn about computer


Finding correct drivers for your PC is no more a painful headache. Entrust that task to 3DP Chip free utility and save both your effort and precious time. This revolutionary tool is designed to detect hardware components automatically and install proper drivers for each component. It becomes extremely helpful if you have a newly formatted PC.

Unlike any other driver updater utilities out there, 3DP Chip is a multifunction driver manager with multilingual support. It can be used to display system information and update drivers. You can even backup and restore drivers using this tool. Thus, 3DP chip becomes a must have application for your PC.

What makes it special?

3DP chip can be set up directly from its light (3.13MB) installer file in a breeze. Once you’ve installed the app, it will automatically scan your machine to display detailed readout of hardware components like motherboard, CPU, sound card and video card. You can either copy the information to clipboard or download latest drivers for each component directly from internet.

In case your computer is not detecting internet connection, you will have to run 3DP Net first. 3DP Net is supplementary utility to 3DP Chip which install matching network driver from its pool and facilitate internet connection. Now, you can run 3DP chip and download all missing drivers. 3DP chip sports built-in snapshot feature, which lets you save system information as PNG image file.

3DP chip boasts an intuitive user interface with orange over white theme. Text is small but readable. Q&A is given as a separate portion on the right for those with little computer knowledge. 3DP sports up to 32 languages and you can switch between them using ‘ABC’ button on top.

We tested this tool on four formatted windows PCs. We haven’t encountered any bugs or errors with this tool yet. However, there are very few frustrations. At times, 3DP Chip will require assistance of 3DP net, which is a supplementary but independent utility. In addition to that, you cannot use this tool to set up utilities like Direct X.

3DP Chip 14.10 Features

Discover the top 10 features of 3DP Chip

  • The installer is very light (3.13MB), portable and free
  • Minimal user interface with simple navigation
  • Supports up to 32 languages including traditional Chinese
  • Built-in screenshot capturer with PNG format support
  • It can download latest driver for every component directly
  • Displays system information with one click copy support
  • Frequent update releases and bug reporting support
  • Can be used to backup or restore drivers
  • 3DP chip is directly available from this software
  • Program information panel at all screens

For more information on 3DP Chip and 3DP Net, visit 3DP official website by clicking here

System Requirements

3DP Chip will definitely work with any computer powered by Windows

  • OS: Any version of Windows

Tail Piece

3DP Chip is revolutionary software for managing drivers. If you have this utility, you won’t have to fume head to find latest drivers for hardware parts anymore. You can avoid most software incompatibility issues by keeping all drivers up-to-date. Overall, it is a must have application for every PC user!